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Press Record

Updated: Jan 24

"When you feel called by God to accomplish something, one thing is certain: you will encounter opposition. In fact, opposition often serves as a sign that you're on the right path. I've been aware of my calling for quite some time now. For years, I've known that I'm meant to share God's Word to bring people closer to Him. However, the most significant challenge I've faced has been finding the courage to use my voice. I'm never short on words, but when it comes to sharing them, I often second-guess my readiness.

I had spent weeks preparing to record my inaugural podcast episode. I had written the script, set up the studio, and rehearsed the key points until they were etched in my memory. Everything was in place—the lighting, crisp audio, immaculate set—yet there I stood, hesitating before the daunting red "record" button. A nagging voice in my head questioned my worthiness, intelligence, and readiness to share my thoughts with the world. That's when I realized that God had already chosen me, and the only person I needed to convince of my calling and capability was myself. Sometimes opposition to your calling is in your own head. It was then that I decided to confront my fears head-on and hit that record button.

I'm asking you to do the same. I don't know what's been holding you back from pursuing your dreams, but I urge you to confront your fears and take that bold step—press record. Many of you have prayed for a sign that it's the right time to act, and here it is: send the manuscript, upload the music, make the post, start the business. Fear can disguise itself as indecision, procrastination, caution, or even wisdom. Instead of admitting our fear of taking the next step, we label it as wisdom, saying it's wise to wait for ideal conditions. Here's a reality check: ideal conditions rarely materialize. The secret is to move forward anyway. Courage, not readiness, is the first step in pursuing your goals.


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